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3 easy steps to teach your child how to cast a rod!


Taking your kids fishing is one of the best ways to have fun and to get closer together as a family, but can also be stressfull and frustating. To save yourself from a lot of unesceray stress, you should teach your kids to cast in your yard before you take them fishing. This will help them build aquarcy, technique and strenght, which will make them more comfortable, when you take them out on the water.


The 3 easy steps:


Step 1: Buy the right sized fishing rod for your kid!

Before you can teach your child how to cast a rod, you need to make sure they have the right fishing rod for them!

There are lots of different types of fishing rods out there and it can be a herdle to find the best rod for your kid. But a good rule of thumb is that the rod should be lightweight and about the same lenght as the kid using it. To get the most value for your money, you should buy a fishing rod and wheel combo, they are cheap and good for beginners. To get a better idea of the different types of fishing rods, you can read our fishing rod guide.


Step 2: Start the practice!

When you have found the right fishing rod for your kid, it is time to get them practising! You can do this in your yard or at a playground, just make sure there are no people you can hit, or trees where the line can get tangled up in. It can be a good idea to aquire some practice casting plugs, or you can use a float rig (without a hook)

Turn it into a game

To make the practice more fun, you should turn it into a game! If you have multiple children this will work even better, cuz they will compete with their siblings and want to be the best.

As an example you can:

  • Mark a spot on a field, either with some rope or a bucket. (start at a short distance less than 10-15 feet.)
  • Get your kids to cast and try to hit the marked area. When they do, they get a point first to five wins the round.
  • After each round move the target area further away.

This will help improve their accuracy and strenght, while they have fun.


Step 3: Remember to have fun!

Dont force your kids to practice, but tell them that fishing is a skill and as any other skill it requires practice if you want to be good at it. Remember that all kids are different, some might enjoy casting away at a bucket in your yard, while others will be bored after 5 minutes. So, the best way to teach your kid how to fish is to bring them on an actual fishing trip, where they will hopefully get hooked on fishing and the other wonders of outdoor life.