Your guide to outdoor Equipment

Your Guide To Outdoor Equipment 

What is SURVIVALwiz about?

Survivalwiz is a newly started backpacker and hiking blog created by Patrick Bayless in June 2022 to share his vast passion for hiking and outdoor gear. 

When you search for “What kind of hiking gear do I need?” on google, you will quickly learn that there are a million different types of hiking equipment and even more diverse opinions on what you need. It can be like walking in a jungle of opportunities, challenging to see the path leading to the perfect hiking gear.  This blog aims to make that progress a lot easier by creating a platform where we review and compare different types of hiking equipment and share our knowledge and experiences gathered from over ten years of hiking, climbing, and backpacking. We are devoted to creating the best content in articles, recommendations, product reviews,  hiking tips, and tricks.  Hopefully, we can help inspire people to explore and do so comfortably with the help of the right gear.

Exploring nature responsibly.

When you enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, hunting, or camping, you should always try to do so in an environmentally friendly way without harming the local environment.  At Survivalwiz, we believe that the best way to help protect nature and the earth’s animals is to inspire people to explore nature firsthand, making them aware of what we need to save.

Our top 3 goals

1.  To Be relevant!

We strive to create the most relevant and valuable content for our readers in the form of easy-to-understand articles, reviews, guides, and recommendations. We believe that the best way to be relevant is to listen to our readers, so feel free to leave a comment or write to us on our social media pages or by email.

2. To inspire our readers to hike and explore the outdoors!

We wish to help spread general survival knowledge to our readers and build a portfolio of articles full of expertise to help answer any questions you may have. We hope our articles may help encourage people to explore the outdoors, whether camping, hiking, or mountain biking! 

3. To create an online community for other outdoorsy people.

Our goal is to create an online community across different platforms, where hikers, backpackers, and other outdoorsy persons can share their experiences, discuss gear, tips, and tricks, and get inspiration for new outdoor activities!